Nature’s Light (Black Heavyweight Vinyl)

Nature’s Light (Black Heavyweight Vinyl)

Nature’s Light (Black Heavyweight Vinyl)

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The ten new tracks make for a remarkable new record – one that could only have been written by Candice Night and Ritchie Blackmore. Once again, the duo is successfully mixing the tradition of Folk music and the love for the Renaissance era with their style, inspired by the myths and legends of ancient times.

“The story of “Nature’s Light” is the story of nature being the true queen and the simplicity and magic of everyday miracles that happen right before your eyes”, says Candice Night. “If you feel stagnant or repressed in your surroundings, it is important to take a break from the mundane and go where your heart leads you. It allows you to recharge and begin again with fresh and renewed energy. For some it is the ocean, for some the woods, for some feeling the sun on your face. Our music is an escape from the stress and pressure of modern times. Journey back through time with us, to a simpler, magical time where music enters your heart and soul.”

Transcend time with Blackmore's Night to a world with no stress, just the beauty of nature, and fairy tales, sunsets and moonlit skies. Welcome to the Blackmore's Night family. Immerse yourself in their ethereal music.


  1. Once Upon December
  2. Four Winds
  3. Feather In the Wind
  4. Darker Shade of Black
  5. The Twisted Oak


  1. Nature's Light
  2. Der letzte Musketier
  3. Wish You Were Here (2021)
  4. Going To The Faire
  5. Second Element